36. Showstopper

Big news everyone!
Dreamrise now updates WEEKLY!

Now the site's metadata is actually accurate and I can stop worrying about how many people see it. These next few weeks might be a bit rough now that I've started the weekly grind, but once I've got the hang of this new schedule it should be smooth sailing. Look forward to that.

I've also been reading a whole bunch of other webcomics recently by my pals over at SpiderForest, which if you don't know is a webcomic collective similar to that other one with the bees. One of my personal favorites right now is Castoff, a fantasy story about a suspicious looking elf(?) and his mage friend(?) as they try to get home after some...happenings. Check it out! and while you're at it give the other comics on SF a look.

Thanks for reading, see y'all next week. :)

📅 by Dreamkazoo.

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