14. Here we are

Hey! Look at this! its a blog post below the comic! that's SUPER NEW! I just got finished porting the website over to a native CMS instead of the "dixie cups connected by string" system I was using before this, so now the site is a lot more pretty and stable, and MUCH easier for me to use and upload things to. There are also a bunch of other new things I had planned for this week, but not all of them are done yet so I'll be sneakin' em into the site over the next week or so. Look forward to that!

Another bit of news is that workin' on this comic is getting to be a bit of a handful but gosh darn I will never stop. So I've decided to start up a patreon! I'm sure most of you know what patreon is at this point, so if you'd like to support me in continuing this comic and possibly other things give the big ol' button to the left there some thought.

Ah, and lastly, theres a fancy new comments section for you all to complain about my update schedule, or post memes, or whatever you kids like to do these days on comments sections.

see you guys next week! peace!

📅 by Dreamkazoo.