26. Torrent

It's been what, 2 weeks since the last update? During that time, my tablet got sent in for repairs and then sent back to me at a MUCH SLOWER rate, and still hasn't actually arrived yet, so this page was done entirely with my lil ol' Wacom that the first nine or so pages were done with. Which is why the speed of this one was... questionable. (At least for my tastes anyway.)

Speaking of The-Exact-Date-My-Tablet-Is-Supposed-To-Arrive, I'll be going to MAGFEST @ the Gaylord National Hotel in Maryland. January 5 through the 8th, Unless some nefarious plot to immobilize my new car arises. If you manage to find me, then probably nothing of consequence will happen.
Nah I'll say Hi, give you a card or something, we might StreetPass. who knows what mysteries await.

anyway see you next week. Peace.

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