42. Poof

The next few weeks look like they won't have many updates, as I'm currently working on a few other projects. Remember that video I illustrated a while back? yep. doin' one of those again, along with some other stuff. Once my schedule clears up though, you guys will be the first to know. just be sure to follow my twitter for any updates.

As always though, thanks for reading!

Hiatus Update: The video is out! you can see all the work I did for it Here. Now that its out I'll have more time to focus on Dreamrise and my other projects in the coming weeks, but I'd still like to give myself some time to get re-acclimated to comic making, and maybe even start that buffer I've always dreamed of having... To that end, the next page update for dreamrise will be October 31st, some kooky holliday called "halloween" or something. See you then!

📅 by Dreamkazoo.