52. Reflection

Hey guys! thanks for reading! I mentioned this in a later edit to the last update's page, but to give you a heads up, Dreamrise will now update on FRIDAYS, at least for a little while while I try out this new schedule, if it feels right, we'll keep it! if not, we'll go back to Tuesdays. So bear with me for a little while!

In other news, I've released a sketchbook! which you can get right here for just $5! It includes 21 pages of art that i've done throughout most of last year. There's some stuff you've seen, stuff you haven't, character concepts, ideas, and, well sketches. Check it out if you're interested!.

By the way, $5+ patrons get the sketchbook for free, plus access to a whole bunch of other awesome behind the scenes content like early lined or flat colored pages, sketches, podcast episodes, all sorts of good stuff! check that out too! I'd really appreciate it.

📅 by Dreamkazoo.