55. Nostalgia

hey guys, thanks for reading! apologies for the late update, things have been pretty busy around here.

I'll be taking a short break to work on some other stuff before the next page, so look for that sometime in late October. Make sure to follow the socials & stuff in the sidebar to get updates on that!

And if you'd like the stuff I do like this comic, consider supporting me on Patreon! I tend not to update it as much as I should, but I'm always working on stuff and producing more content for you guys, Which i'll usually reveal or post there before anywhere else. Any amount of support in that regard means a lot.

Edit: Because of ongoing personal stuff I've decided to push back the next update until November 13th, meaning dreamrise will be on Hiatus until then.

In the meantime, I'll be updating other parts of the site--like the cast and about pages--so that they're...cough better looking. Thanks so much to you guys for your patience, and if you get antsy, feel free to check out some of the other comics I have listed in the sidebar to the left! Thanks again!

📅 by Dreamkazoo.